Saturday, August 27, 2011

Article Marketing Robot the Final Review

Article Marketing Robot the Final Review, finally blows the lid off of these so called robotic spinners. Once and for all you will see how a simple Blog, a few postings, and a few short quick videos, became a game changer for thousands of Article Marketing Robot affiliates out there that are competitively vying for a piece of the spinning gold they dream of....

Here is video proof that they are only interested in dollars and cents, for the sake of greed and rankings; and will do anything illegal, unethical, and deliberate, to strengthen their Google position and website rankings.

Article marketing robot the final review uncovers the truth about their devious practices, as they try to silence anyone ahead of them in the search engine rankings. My video shows the truth once and for all. Don't be deceived any longer. Robotic spinners only work to create backlinks and rankings, while destroying the English language and readable content in the process.

This blog posting and my final video will vilify article marketing robot forever!

Check it out for yourself, not all spinners are the same or produce the same results; yet they all produce gibberish and nonsense.

Here is the proof you need...

Article Marketing Robot the Final Review...shows you first hand how treacherous these purveyors of content actually are in deceiving the public they profess to serve. This is not your average review of a product. It is without a doubt the only review you will need NOT to get this product. Stay away from Article Marketing Robot, it is not what you think it is. It can only cost you time and money or both, as you play around trying to re-write, re-edit and re-word your writings!

Article marketing robot the final review exposes the lies and betrayal behind this nonsensical spinnin tool!

Here are my photos of before and after...


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Article Marketing Robot Beware!

Forgive my strong sentiments perhaps, but article marketing robot beware, your days are numbered and fading fast. There’s a new sheriff in town that does not abide to tricksters and hucksters, peddling their trash on the streets of our fair city; yah get mah meaning? You betta be mossey-in right along!

Article Marketing Robot Beware!

Know this; spinners spin gibberish and nonsense; and not, articulate prose, or well written informative articles, and especially not, timely and cutting-edge pieces. That’s not what they were designed to do! 

In fact, they were designed to automate the article writing/copying/plagiarizing process; so that anyone, even a non-writer, a webmaster, or web business professional, could easily take a ‘seed article’ from whatever source, and re-write it; with multiple and the search engines...variations...and all claiming to be ‘original and unique’ to the source seed article these ‘reasonable facsimiles’ were based upon. 

Some spinners claim dozens and even hundreds of almost “push of a button” instant variations, based on the ‘original words’ contained within the source or seed article, essay, report, whatever. A few of these robotic spinners actually advertise and claim to create 1000 variations from the one seed article...of about 400-500 words.

They further claim that these new article creations will all be unique and different to the search engines. Stats go as high as 70-90% ‘unique looking’ content from the original. My experience has been that all variations differ from the original...and in so many ways. Allow me to illustrate, elaborate, and focus on the truth to these spinners, and the nonsense they incessantly spin for the sake of greed, and the glimmer of golden profits....spinning the truth way out of control!

Article Marketing Robot Beware!

Having worked with various spinning tools and their continuous upgrades and incarnations, for well over a decade now; I believe, I have become a good enough judge to let you know, that even the latest hyped up promises, and free trials, and ‘ease of use promises’, should not be incentive enough for you to opt-in and buy, or even try these stupid spinning devices. 

Spinning technologies do not work to communicate the truth of our message and communications.
Spinners can only spin words, variations of words, synonyms, re-arranged and re-worded sentences, dozens and hundreds of combinations and permutations of words within a sentence and paragraph, from an original, depending on how ‘specifically contrived’ you choose to make your ‘altered ‘creations.

The technology has evolved over the years to make this spun content ‘better read’ and ‘understandable’; including and especially, its ease of use for the spinner and article syndicator. But sadly, it is nothing more than a cheap way to get backlinks and traffic to your site, any site; because of the sheer numbers dominating your market with gibberish and order to make a quick buck! 

Article Marketing Robot Beware!

Volume mass article marketing to hundreds and even thousands of article marketing directories and article directory farms, with this spun and mass produced nonsensical and gibberish content, is not my way of communicating the truth! But, getting the desired 1-2% predictable industry response for any kind of promo piece, is the direct marketers’ goal...regardless of the value, or quality of the intended content.

Spun content currently pollutes the internet, while making the users of these products vast quantities of money....from this valueless, worthless, void of life, unreadable, and unethical content. 

Article Marketing Robot Beware!

You be the judge. Read the original, slowly, quietly, and enjoyably to yourself, listening to the author and their words of wisdom, information and humor. Now, read any of the other 1000+ spun variations. 

Honestly, truthfully, you will not find any of the other facsimiles to be better, better written, more personal, and easier to understand, than the original well written alone communicates the truth, shared sentiment, insight, and unique personality of the writer....that everyone of those other spun versions will not be able to, in the same personal and unique manner!

Article Marketing Robot Beware!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Article Marketing Robot the Ultimate Review

Article marketing robot the ultimate review closely examines the truth behind these nonsensical spinners...and, exposes the actual results of their spun robotic creations. Truthfully, from what I have seen; you can spin one variation, a dozen, a hundred or more, almost at the push of a button...once things have been set-up for that article, from the database of words, other similarly defined words, other synonyms, and sentences to be spun; these all need to be selected, sorted, and coded; per word, per sentence, per paragraph, per article first.

Typos, errors, and all kinds of grammar mistakes, will inevitably fill every page and every paragraph of spun text; regardless of the number of unique variations produced. Each unique article will have its fair share of ‘needing editing’; to say the least. So, whether you spin one article or 1000 of them, they will all require re-reading, re-editing, and re-writing, at least ONCE! This I know for sure.
Are you a writer to be able to make these sometimes small but still significant changes to the newly written spun well as, to every spun variation? Or, are you just going to read it back to yourself quickly and see how it sounds...hearing it out loud or just quietly to yourself? Either way, there’s just more added time to the equation per spun article!

Set up time, editing time, re-writing time, re-reading time; all takes time...YOUR time...and, how much is YOUR time actually worth? And, this is not even considering the time that it takes to create a new keyword targeted title for each new article variation. You see where I am going here don’t you?

The average time to do all this, per spun article, may end up taking between 10-15 minutes minimum! That’s if everything only required a quick edit, re-read, and re-title change. If there are more errors; or your command of the language is poor; then, your end product will either be a quickly slapped together poorly written article; or, you will inevitably be spending about as much time to correct them, as a real writer would take to create them in the first place. The only true difference being...each of these newly created hand written pieces would be creative and original...and not spun gibberish, that doesn’t make any sense!

I am a writer that truly cares about what my reader understands from the meanings of my words. I want them to enjoy the experience of what imagery, hope and promise, my words can creatively convey. Words have distinct meanings; they are not as interchangeable or as replaceable as some robotic spinners would have you believe. Words matter; how you word things matter, no matter if it’s a business letter, how-to-article, love letter, or even just a simple thank you letter; they all matter to the person reading and receiving them. It’s got to be personal, and it must relate. Spun content, even corrected spun content...still sounds lifeless and dreary...PASSIONLESS!

And as such, there is no connection to the reader, the person that needs your help and know-how. Spun content has no personality or the passion to communicate to you aesthetically or artistically in any way. It is dry and verbose and hard to read. Eschew Obfuscation!

Here it is the proof you need...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Article Marketing Robot a Real Review

The name of this Blog has been deliberately chosen; as has the title of this posting; to be more than just any review, it must become...article marketing robot a real review! This is the only hope of getting the truth out there by a play on words. You see there are millions of Google search results for 'article marketing robot review'; and hundreds of thousands of blogs dedicated to it's promotion and sale. Unbelievably, those keywords are used in nearly one million URLs.

It's a BIG seller!

And, it produces unreadable gibberish!

So, I just wanted to make another lonely posting to show my future followers how it is you begin to carve out a niche for yourself, and even go further, and begin to dominate it...forever!

It's the 'David and Goliath' story, re-told with a different set of characters; myself playing the lead Goliath slayer!

Here is the next video, in just over a month after this Blog and first video began...

See the results for yourself...

Watch as I dominate the first page search results...

Know this Article Marketing Robot...there's new Sheriff in town.

Which simply means...
Article Marketing Robot Beware!

This was a real review of article marketing robot; and I attest that no robots were harmed or hurt making this Blog or videos. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spinners are Spinning the Truth Way out of Control

Is it just me, or are spinners spinning the truth out of control; and I do mean OUT OF CONTROL!

I just read this latest report that was sent to me, and nearly gagged at the words used to describe this not so new spinner called Mass Article Control. Here is one of their promo hyped up statements that brought me to my breaking point. “Let's get this absolutely straight: you can write one masterpiece of an article, and INSTANTLY turn it into HUNDREDS of different masterpieces”.

Hey, let’s get something else straight right off the bat. There can only be one original masterpiece. There cannot be HUNDREDS of different masterpieces created from that original masterpiece! Duplicates and reasonable facsimiles are excluded from 'treasured' art status. There is only one David by Michelangelo; it resides in Florence, Italy.

There is only one Mona Lisa; like there is only one Declaration of Independence. You cannot make 1000 copies of any of these great works of art, these true masterpieces, and call them anything else but cheap second hand imitations. Technology and innovation will never replace originality and individual creativity and passion.

Where is the passion and originality in any of those 1000 duplicates? I assure you, read them all, every last one of those copies; I guarantee you, you won't find it anywhere else, except within the original. It is the true, one and only masterpiece; and, that's what makes it unique and original.

Another interesting fact that I should offer, is that the more something is original and unique, the harder and more difficult it becomes to duplicate, just ONCE; never mind 1000 times!

1000 copies of anything, only ‘de-values’ the original in my opinion. Would you like your original work to be copied 1000 times; knowing full well that you didn't make any of those other 1000 copies? Allowing 1000's of changed wordings to exist is like taking your unique choice of words and meanings, thousands of miles away from your intended destination and understanding.

Every writer has an obligation to their reader, to present them with the very best that they can offer in prose, information, interesting or engaging copy, etc. They cannot make this task a mundane and routine chore, day after day grinding it out; or, by looking to find, faster and cheaper ways to do things; to replace the blood, sweat, and tears of their originality, passion and creativity, with mechanically contrived self-serving solutions.

But, sweet surprise; some writers, marketers and publishers, still believe in the power and passion of originality; it like diamonds lasts forever. Both Twain and Poe would roll over in their graves if you took their works and spun them. They just would not make sense!

Their unique choice of words and originality could never be duplicated; mainly because, each of their words were chosen for a special effect. Painstakingly, they creatively crafted each word, phrase and expression. Change any word, any phrase, and you change the beauty and passion of their immortal words.

From the very first word of the first sentence, to the last word on the last page, each word matters, each word has its place. This is the Universe of a good writer. Spinning is like a black hole in their Universe. It is the anti-matter to their creativity and passion. It annihilates originality, reducing it to commonality and dust!

I could go on...suffice it to say, that I do not believe in or favour spun content-at all!
Fortunately, with watch dog dad Google policing the neighbourhood; duplicate content, and auto-blog content, including some web 2.0 properties, as well as some article directory’s that host and house these spinning articles are the first to go, and have just recently been Google Slapped!

Many truths in the course of this Blog will be soon be revealed. Words should not be spun. True words are ‘unspun’ words; they ring with credibility and communicate true feelings from the heart. Readers will soon enough realize to tell the difference. Even people new to English will be able to tell the difference. I know the difference. I’ve tried and beta tested every spinner out there. From the 1st to the 1000th copy made from the original seed article; I’ve read them all. Only the original truly works and communicates!

In the very near future, websites with spun content will be boycotted, like we presently boycott products or corporations for the sake of our environment. People will instantly be able to tell the difference. People will also see the dramatic response of original content to spun content, in terms of traffic generation, subscriber retention, and conversions.

Originality totally blows away spun content; and all of its 1000 contrived reasonable facsimiles. I can show you the stats for yourselves with your own testing analytics. I challenge to take or make any test to show you the truth between original content and spun content.

I’ve developed a complimentary series of videos and video trailers to go along with my articles and blogs attacking these spinners; each one clearly demonstrating the absolute stupidity and danger of using spinners for your website content.

I am an independent research scholar. I am also a writer that respects and reveres the written word. Each and every word matters to me!

I dare you to change or spin any of the greatest sales letters; literary works; love letters; business to business correspondences...I could go on forever....

Communication, duplication and mutual understandings demands that we say what we want to say by how we say it; by selectively and personally choosing our words. And not, by spinning them further away from their original meanings.

Enough said. Either you get it or you won’t!

Stay tuned...the Internet is about to be turned upside down.

I promise you a show that will dazzle and amaze...with originality, wisdom, creativity and passion...

Is there any other way to write?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Article Marketing Robot A Truthful Review

This is an honest review of article marketing robot and this a truthful review. Don’t be fooled and misled by all the robotic hype out there; true artificial intelligence is still decades away, if that.

In the meantime, what you get and what you produce when you get and use this product, is worthless gibberish and moronic writing that just doesn’t make sense. Is this the trade up for free traffic to your website? Do we really want to allow anyone to flood the internet with nonsense and stupidity like this?

It's toxic you want it in your backyard?

I am appalled, exasperated at the unethical and criminal bounds, people and online businesses would stoop to, for free traffic from the search engines to their websites. It’s all about free traffic and back-links to their sites...for free!

It is easy for them, at the push of a button, to create copies or what they euphemistically refer to as being facsimiles, of the original seed article. They have spun the article dozens, hundreds, and some spinners claim, thousands of times, creating unique articles all 80-90% different than the original seed article.

Never mind that they don't make sense!

So that, they can reap the rewards with affiliate products they are marketing for fun and profit. At our stupid expense. While they send you photos and videos of themselves and their family and servants, enjoying the rich and lavish life, somewhere on the beach and in the sun.

While again, the rest of us poor bastards grind it out for mere dollars an hour, somewhere in our own cold and icy cities.

Here is a detailed video uncovering their deceitful practices and poor results. Flooding the Internet with gibberish and nonsense.

I don't have the patience as a reader to read this kind of S*&$ you?

Once you read this stuff you will instantly see the true value of words and their meanings. You just can`t go replacing words with other words on autopilot and expect understanding! It just doesn't happen, and spinners just don`t work.